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Canon Pixma Printers does have a wide range of products that’s best right to different part of people. One have it for personal use, one for business or one for office. Some printers allow wireless and Ethernet connections, some print from smartphones (Android or iOS). What we do is assist you turn out to be buddies with your printer. We assist you with setup, install services and provide on the clock support for printers.

Printer Setup:To do the setup of your Canon Pixma printer, you have to get rid of the accessorize from the pack and install the software to enjoy the excellence printing

Driver Installation:You require to know your printer model and choose a model to recognize process and then download the appropriate driver to install software by our guidelines.

Wireless Setup:Wireless setup is more well-organized procedure which offers a wide variation, of both office and home users to make the printing process trouble-free.

Network Setup:You need to make sure if both the devices are connected to the same network or not. If not, select the preferred network from notification bar.

Connectivity Setup:After all the installation add printer as (Ethernet/wireless) link type and choose “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended).

Troubleshooting:primary diagnose, and then go after step by step troubleshooting guide from you can get expert’s assist to lessen your burden.

Canon Printer Hardware Setup

Before you begin the you have to entire the hardware setup of your Canon Printer

  1. The primary step is to unbox your Canon Printer and put it on a flat surface
  2. Make sure to remove any cardboard present in the ink cartridge area
  3. Next, turn on your Printer by connecting the power string to the printer and lugging it in a wall socket
  4. Cautiously remove the ink cartridges next from their packages and snap them into their respective slots
  5. Now fan a stack of paper and load it into the input tray and open the output tray
  6. Lastly, if an alignment page prints, the Canon hardware process is complete. Guide for Canon Wireless Printer Setup

Gone are the days when you had to do attach several cables to connect a single device and perform your task. With advancement in technology, printer industry has now introduced wireless feature with approximately all of its newest wireless printers. You can connect multiple devices wirelessly and print on a go.

Automated Setup Wizard

  • Initial power on your printer and tap on the ‘Wireless’ or ‘Setup’ icon
  • Next this, tap on ‘Network’ settings and select ‘Wireless settings’ or ‘Settings’ depending upon your printer model
  • Next, tap on the ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ option and the Canon Printer scans for the networks accessible to attach
  • Now scroll through the list of networks shown on your control panel and choose your wireless network
  • At last, connect your Canon Printer to the wireless network by using the network key.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Wireless printing can be very useful. Most new printers can attach straight to your wireless network. This will permit you to print to the printer from any computer on your network

  • Opening, place the WPS push button on your wireless network router to begin the process
  • Then press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button on your control panel till the wireless light starts flashing
  • On your control panel tap on ‘Wireless’ or ‘Setup’ icon -> ‘Network’ -> ‘Wireless settings’ or ‘Settings’ -> ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’
  • Lastly, hold the WPS button on your router for around 3-5 seconds till the combination process start
  • This should be accomplished within 2 minutes after choosing the Wi-Fi Protected Setup option.


Wi-Fi Setup

Ink Cartridges


Detect Malware

How To connection Canon Printer to Wi-Fi Network?

Perform the following steps to connection the Canon printer to the Wi-Fi Network

  • Initial, you can connect the Canon printer to the Wi-Fi network using the Wireless setup wizard
  • Next, you have to turn on the printer
  • Furthermore, you have to disconnect any USB and Ethernet wires from your Canon printer
  • Next, on the printer control panel, touch the Wireless icon or else you can go to the Network menu
  • Then, select Wireless Settings and touch Wireless Setup Wizard
  • And you require to search for the network and then provide the WEP or WPA Finally, choose OK to whole the connecting the Canpon printer to the Wireless network

Canon Pixma Printer

Canon Maxify Printer

Canon Selphy Printer

Canon Printer Driver Download and Installation

If you wish to procedure the steps for the Canon Printer Driver Download and Installation, depending upon the in service system, you can download and install the driver to your printer. If you stay, your printer is out-of-date of the driver. It may reason the troubleshooting issue on the printer. So for all time download and update the newest and well-matched drivers to the printer. There are two methods for driver installation. One is the CD method, and the other is the online method. To use the CD technique, it is not forever recommended. But in case of the online method, you can even download the newest software to your printer. The only obligatory thing which you require to verify on the online method is whether the driver is downloaded from the registered site to avoid the troubleshooting issue on the printer

About Us

We are independent technical support provides for Canon Pixma Printers. We help you in becoming recognizable with the multifaceted interface of these printers and help you by providing on the clock support services by our expert technicians at

Setup, install, and troubleshoot errors like paper jam, Low printing speed, tainted drivers and so on, we supply services to help you fix these errors

A few printers have simpler line as compared to others and can be installed at your own though other complex interfaces may need assistance from a technical person so that your work flows easily and we are here to just do the job for you.

Why trouble when you have us to take care of your Canon printers. Any errors, any setup or installation problems will be resolved by our beneficiary experts all you have to do is let us help you in any way be it through chat, online process, calls or any other media.

Troubleshooting Canon Printer Setup Issues

Errors could be network linked, wireless or wired connection related, scan, copy, or print related, ink related, or any additional kind of bugs, resolution to all is accessible in form of troubleshooting guides. If not, why not ask for support and assist yourselves to get rid of these errors.

  • Download the software from the official website to rapidly identify printer issues and troubleshoot them.
  • Also, this software also detects any hidden malware in your computer and gets rid of them.

Connecting Printer with Wi-Fi:

Canon Printer Is Offline for Windows:

Printer Error Message:

Update Canon Printer Firmware:

Printer Driver Unavailable:

  • Here are a few things that can go wrong while you are using the Canon printers and also how to deal with them. Most of these issues can be solved within a few minutes, so all you require is the right situation.

Canon Pixma Printer Support and Services

You will get immediate support for your entire query about Printers and we are here to assist you in every likely way like providing you with step by step user guide to first time setup, driver install and wireless setup of your Printer

Get Instant Services For subsequent Canon Printer Issues

  1. Installation printer/ Printer setup
  2. Ij Wireless setup
  3. Paper jam issues
  4. Driver not found issues
  5. Issues in installation of printer driver
  6. Corrupted print drivers
  7. Ink cartridge jam
  8. Error in configuration of ePrint/ iPrint
  9. Reduced printing speed
  10. System hang while printing issues
  11. Picking multiple papers at a time.

Our specialist will provide the eventual support and services to solve all of above printers.

Quick Services For Your Canon Printer

  1. primary time printer setup
  2. Wireless setup
  3. Canon Driver Installation on Windows
  4. Driver Installation on MAC
  5. Auto Wireless Connect
  6. Wireless connectivity setup
  7. Ink Cartridge Installation
  8. Mobile Printing Solution
  9. Wireless Protected Setup
  10. Wireless Setup Wizard
  11. Printing issues during the printing process.

Our technicians handle your time and we try to initiate and explain each and every thing about the difficulty of your printer’s issues.

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